Digital Assets

The importance of digital media today cannot be overlooked, and more than likely your organization has countless photos, videos, documents, and other files that need to be shared or made publicly available on your web site.

The Digital Assets section of Campusuite is powered by Imagespace. Imagespace is a digital assets management system that allows you to maximize control of your photos, videos documents and other digital assets. This is the content manager that organizes your media, and from here that media can be imported in to your web pages. It's easy to find, share, manage and leverage all your assets in one place.

  • Web-based image management and digital asset software that consolidates all your images, videos and other formats into one convenient location on the web
  • Upload multiple image sizes online fast
  • Tag your files using limitless keywords for fast, thorough searches
  • Automatically generate thumbnails, add notations and searchable keywords
  • Create custom lightboxes for creative collaboration
  • Easily distribute images and additional content to designated channels
  • Use as a vivid research tool to collect and manage valuable competitive data
  • Enhance control over corporate branding guidelines and publishing standards


Managing Access

Although the digital assets manage users much like in Campusuite, there are some differences that need to be noted.

Searching the Library

Storing the files is only half the job of the digital asset manager. There are multiple ways to find the files you're looking for.

Managing Keywords

Keywords are crucial to finding content in your digital assets once it is uploaded. Although they can be added at any time, creating these in advance will make using the digital asset manager more efficient.

Uploading Files

The digital asset manager provides different ways for uploading your content, making it just as easy to upload just a handful of files or gigbytes worth of data.

Applying Keywords

Once configured, files can be tagged with keywords to make them more searchable in the system. These keywords can be applied to whole groups, or tailored to single files.


One of the goals of the digital asset manager is to eliminate redundant content, but multiple users may need their own collections of files. Lightboxes allow people to create their own custom file collections without having to upload multiple copies of the same files.


The digital asset manager ties in with the Gallery module provided in Campusuite. Galleries can be created and managed not only through the module, but also the digital asset manager.